who leads us

Our lifelines, our spines, our driving torque.

Our directors, Mr. Gaurav Sureka and Mr. Ramachandra Shastry , with their collective knowledge and experience, have together been responsible for the creation of this visionary brainchild of ours we call Revolucion.

  • Gaurav Surekha
  • Ramachandra Shastry

Your needs are our cause, teams our lifelines.

Our team is a closely knit group of talented designers and highly competent craftsmen working on the basic designs that represent our domains and in doing so, we attempt to exceed our client’s expectations and gratify their every need and desire of their products while keeping everyone’s best interests as closest priorities to us and our team.

An expert technical team supports our designing team that proficiently develops the materials into textiles and fabrics to suit the latest trend across the world. Our marketing and servicing teams work with all their knowledge and experience to successfully achieve innovation and creativity with outstanding outcomes and promising upshots in both talent and product.

Presently, our core team consists of 80 members and growing by the needs every year to take up the challenges and demand our clinetele worldwide.