Where our beautiful ideas and creations come to life.

We believe that there is a perfect design for every living space and our aim is to help you find just that. Our collection of fabrics has so many styles and patterns that our customers are often spoilt for choices.


Jacquard wovens are a popular fabric type designed by warped threads to give birth to many complex patterns and designs. Our collection houses various types of Jacquard fabrics, all of which are manufactured using cutting-edge technologies descended from of the ancient Jacquard looms. We promise to bring the best of Jacquard fabric to your living spaces.


Bring a touch of homely elegance into your living spaces. Embroidery, in its origin, is counted threadwork and is based on texture and fabric designs. An old craft of elegance and poise, embroidery is still largely prevalent in home fashion in different styles like Kashmiri, Phulkari and Kantha embroideries. Our beautiful collection, with its wide range of intricate designs, chosest colour combinations created with the most advanced of embroidery machines, is rich in its composition and will fill your interiors with warmth.


Our collection of print fabrics are just what is missing in your interiors. This line of products involves fabric printing of patterns and designs on various textile materials including abstracts, unusual geometrics and even symbols. The latest techniques, like screen printing and digital printing are employed by our factories in order to give you a world of choices.


Our velvet collection of fabrics to provides with the comfort you seek with the touch of Opulence. We provide different qualities of velvet to our clients to choose from, including silk, cotton and synthetic velvet. Despite being one of the oldest of fabrics, velvet is still in fashion and signifies wealth and royalty. Our comprehensive selection in colours and textures in velvets are amongst the best in the industry and we ensure you the coziest of interior.


Conquer the world with class and boldness. Colours have always signified a wide range of things for different people, and have always remained in style. From the retro French and the rustic country, to the contemporaries and the breezy coastal, our range of plain fabric themes consists of a plethora of solid colours and combinations to give your interiors just the feel you want. Let your interiors reflect you and help you enliven yourself with colours.


Ready to bring a little funk? We have just the thing for you. Our line of products include stripe fabrics, designed by our experts and manufactured with utmost care to give to you a wide selection to choose from. Stripes, traditional or modern, vertical or horizontal, deep or elegant, in their various colours and fashions, have the power to redefine rooms. They imbibe not only the funk you need but also the stature you deserve.