Where our craft
takes shape into the future.

You are what matters to us the most. You are our bearers. We are your partners. Together, we Revolucion-ise.

At Revolucion, our emphasis is on delivering the best to our buyers, both in terms quality product and service. Our production team is well-equipped with modern and sophisticated technologies to accomplish our goals successfully and provide you the best products in the market. In the making, our products go through an extensive and meticulous quality control process so that we bring to your home the best of our furnished brilliance.

Revolucion has set up an in-house production unit in Bangalore,and outsourced weaving facilities in Mumbai and Surat to meet the required production strengths. The present in-house factory capabilities include 8 Jacquard looms, 10 dobby looms and 6 Embroidery - Machines. The company expects to expand their capacity in the next 12 months to 16 Jacquard looms. In addition, we also have outsourced commissioned weavers with 40 looms at captive production facilities to increase the production capabilities and capacity. Our mills are well adept with variety of materials including cotton, silk, linen, wool, polyester, acrylic and viscose. Our exclusive design patterns are well-refined to suit the market demands and ultimate trends, developing throughout the year.

We are confident that our products are intricately developed and designed so they are destined to decorate your home and living spaces - Beautifully.